The consulting firm VALUE ADDED, a. s.,  quickly analyzes your problems, identifies where your money goes down the drain, helps set your systems, and overcomes your company’s problems with our active involvement. We believe you will return to prosperity with our assistance.
Why do we believe it is you whom we will help?
We know we can rely on a number of successfully completed projects;
We can quickly analyze the situation;
We can offer a proposal of effective measures and steps;
We are quick and flexible;
We know how to overcome bureaucratic obstacles;
We never become resigned to a failure.

For more than 10 years, VALUE ADDED, a. s., has offered a full package of services rendered by economists and lawyers who have extensive experience in managing public service institutions, banks, enterprises and non-profit making organizations, and cover commercial, financial, legal and tax aspects of the problems to be solved. In recent years, we have successfully run projects on behalf of both domestic and foreign private sector customers, but also on behalf of government offices and institutions as well as business entities controlled and possessed by these offices and institutions.
Our specialists’ broad portfolio includes the following:

- Investment consulting services as regards a sales, mergers or purchases of companies, provision of investments and investment financial resources;
- Measuring corporate value, property and outstanding debts; business plan analysis service;
- Processing and assertion of requests for loans, subsidies or other financial resources;
- Processing of projects aimed at European Union subsidies;
- Economic process and legal audits (including due diligence);
- Economic and cost analyses including financial restructuring;
- Communication with the media and public bodies;
- Arranging business and non-business contacts;
Process analyses, reengineering, optimizing the system of powers, responsibilities and motivation;
- Marketing and public relations consultancy.

VALUE ADDED, a.s., Opletalova 958/27, 110 00 Praha, tel. (+420) 224 091 474 , fax (+420) 222 246 023