Collection of Receivables 

Are you burdened with uncollectible receivables?

It is easy to make the debtor go bankrupt, but it is usually more difficult to help him to pay up – more difficult but also more efficient. VALUE ADDED offers experience with all categories of owners, with those who are genuinely unable to pay, those who intentionally avoid payment and those who do not use fair play.

We will verify the truth of your creditor’s claim, the situation of the debtor, the adequacy of the procedures used until now, we shall evaluate returnability of receivables and suggest an efficient judicial and extra-judicial method of collecting. In some justified cases, we shall intermediate the sale or purchase of receivables. We shall act on your behalf in negotiations with the debtor, we shall notify the court, and submit proposals to the owners, other creditors and business partners. We shall also act on your behalf in the creditors’ committee and in negotiations with a liquidator or administrator; we will suggest how to speed up bankruptcy proceedings and how to satisfy creditors as soon as possible. In the case of viable debtors, we will suggest and carry out a plan of revitalization which should result in maintaining the business and ability to pay up a larger volume of the liabilities than through bankruptcy proceedings.


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