Management Support

Are you successful and have no problems? Even the best can be better, if they are forward-looking and accept advice. VALUE ADDED offers added value to even the best. After a detailed analysis of the firm, we will identify competitive advantages and disadvantages. We shall suggest measures to be taken for successful expansion and long-term growth. An independent view from the outside may help to reduce costs, increase the use of movable and immovable assets, to optimize financial costs and deposit policy, to organize production and activities in order to minimize risks, delays and multicosts. VALUE ADDED will help with financial and operational planning and with estimating future development of the economic environment. We shall ensure new business contacts, partners, investment opportunities which will strengthen your position in the market, which will diversify risks and open new business possibilities. For you, we will use our experience with claiming receivables, introducing prevention against non-payers, negotiating with investors, banks, creditors, business partners, and with regulatory and state authorities. We shall revise your articles, the organizational and legal documents of your firm, and contractual assurance of business and investment transactions. We will clear up your relationships with subsidiary and parent companies, the positions of members of the Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards, and we shall inspect the use of personnel and suggest how to make the system of motivation more efficient. We shall help duly to prepare, call and guide the General Meeting.

VALUE ADDED, a.s., Opletalova 27, 110 00 Praha, tel. (+420) 224 091 474 , fax (+420) 222 246 023