Sales, Mergers and Joint Ventures

Are you preparing the sale of interest or of shares, of part or all of a company, of immovable or movable assets, of receivables or securities? Are you preparing a merger?

The VALUE ADDED team has unique experience in the ČR with sales of any kind and of any range, with auctions, competitions, and tenders and with negotiations with the chosen investors. We shall help you to determine the lowest price, pinpoint weak and strong points, and we will provide any information about prices of similar transactions and about the group of potential partners. We shall propose a reasonable and effective form of transaction, ensure good-quality documentation for investors and an efficient method of advertising at home and abroad. We shall appraise interesting offers, hold negotiations and gain the maximum benefits for you. As for mergers and joint ventures, VALUE ADDED will suggest property contributions, articles, organizational and internal standards, and rules for future participation and arrangements, including the development of shareholders’ contracts. We shall ensure that the transaction is closed safely, with a minimal risk and maximal output, together with the development and inspection of all transaction documents and appropriate items.

VALUE ADDED, a.s., Opletalova 27, 110 00 Praha, tel. (+420) 224 091 474 , fax (+420) 222 246 023