Do you want to make sure that nothing essential is overlooked? Can you stand an independent analysis which will appraise your strong and weak points and which will tell you whether you view your situation, plans, possibilities and problems correctly? Would you like to have an analysis of the company or of a project into which you are going to enter? VALUE ADDED offers its help. We will develop a versatile analysis of a firm, of transactions and investments, we will review the organizational structure and link-up of activities, we will develop an analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of human and financial resources, an analysis of the use of assets, of the value of assets and liabilities, an analysis of the efficiency of expenditures, and we will inspect the process of claiming receivables. We shall also carry out an analysis of the rational use of commercial cooperation and of the use of external advisors, an analysis of the efficiency of the computer system, and of marketing and public relations. In the economic and legal audit, our firm will provide valuation of property, of receivables, of business contracts and investments. Our firm will draw your attention to financial and legal risks of the commitments, contracts and litigations, to the risks resulting from organizational standards, from service and collective contracts, the risks resulting from balance sheet commitments. The personnel audit will uncover those who are the biggest benefit to your firm, those who represent the biggest risk and those who are not fully used. Learning about your situation will enable you to find the areas in which VALUE ADDED significantly adds the value of your firm.


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