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The Quality of a „Big Three“ firm at domestic prices Who we are (What We Can Do for You)

The consulting company VALUE ADDED offers the complete range of services of a team of economists and lawyers who are able to put their unique experience at your service in the Czech Republic.

• in the operation of businesses, banks, state institutions and non-profit organizations,
• with the sale of property, shares and companies,
• with investment banking,
• with the utilization of financial analyses and assessment of companies,
• with appraising and recovering debt,
• with the proper and economical removal of hazardous waste and other old ecological damage,
• with practical implementation of the laws on securities and bankruptcy,
• and with communication with the media, banks and state institutions.

Our ability to perform these services in based on a comprehensive familiarity with the investment environment and a detailed knowledge of a wide range of investment opportunities and potential investors, and our work covers the commercial, financial, legal and tax aspects of the case.

The principles by which our firm is run:
- the use of the best people for every job
- a personal approach to our clients
- competitive prices
- a complete range of services
- the exact tailoring of our services to every job
- a high level of communication
- flexibility
- our best effort for every job
- discretion
- the elimination of conflict of interest

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