Investments and acquisitions

Are you preparing an investment or acquisition, or do you want to participate in privatization? VALUE ADDED will help you to invest with a minimum of risks and expenditures and with maximum returnability and future profit. We offer a unique knowledge of privatization, an overview of the Czech market, of foreign investors who are involved in the Czech market and of the possibilities of funding investment projects. We will help you develop a business plan and investment project and we shall calculate the returnability of expenditures. We shall appraise the chosen property or the firm, while taking into account alternative investment possibilities, assets, enterpreneur’s and employees’ capabilities, your company’s position in the market and business contacts. We shall inspect accounting and legal appropriateness, financial, legal, environmental and factual risks, and we will suggest the optimal method of funding from your own and outside sources. We shall also develop a written request for investment credit and help with negotiations with banks or other entities of the capital market. VALUE ADDED can represent you in negotiations with investors, with the state and regulatory bodies, with owners, creditors and the main business partners of the firm being purchased. The performance of any transaction will also include the assurance of all transaction documents and other appropriate items.

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