Side Products and Cooperation

Does your firm want to sell, invest or find a foreign investor? VALUE ADDED will help you to enter this world. We have good contacts, partners and cooperating firms in EU countries, in the countries of the former Council for Mutual Economic Cooperation (RVHP) , in the USA, in South Eastern Asia and in Australia. We will find you business partners, foreign investments, contacts and market information and help you to use them efficiently. We will also intermediate business contacts or find investors who strengthen your capital and enable you to enter new markets. We shall help you to take advantage of all opportunities which ensue from the entry into NATO and EU and we shall help you to make headway in a range of new opportunities and in the international network.


Do you have problems with environmental contamination and legislation? The specialists from VALUE ADDED who have prepared a system of environmental clean-ups, who solved environmental issues during the privatization and who know most clean-up and supervisory firms, are ready to help you. They will save you costs, time and energy, they will ensure the development of an environmental site assessment, analysis of risks, selection of a clean-up and supervisory firm, selection of the best project, which is the most acceptable one from the financial point of view and which has the minimum risks of the estimated costs exceeded during the clean-up. They will keep an eye on the process of the clean-up, on the adequate use of technology and on the objective and legal correctness of the environmental contracts.

Are you still missing a computer network and an information system? The specialists at VALUE ADDED, who assured an information system during privatization, will formulate your requirements for this project, they will recommend the main observed indicators, functional links, periodical outputs and a method of securing data. They will also choose a software and hardware supplier for you, ensure the supervision of deliveries and inspection of the information system’s functioning. They will make sure that the project is proportional to your requirements. They will suggest the settlement of costs on the information system from the firm’s cash-flow and tax point of view.


Do you use advertising, sponsoring, public relations? Is the public aware of your success or service? Do you want to arrange an event which will become a talking point? VALUE ADDED will help you to organize it, to increase the effectiveness of a promotion and to create a marketing plan. We shall also help to maximize the benefit of sponsoring and recommend continous and crisis strategy for PR.

Do you need to ensure an event from the organizational point of view, an event which is important to you? Would it be advantageous for you to have the services of a mediator? VALUE ADDED will select its own skillful organizors and mediators. We shall arrange general meetings, important presentations, participations in fairs and exhibitions and employees’ training. We shall intermediate negotiations with state and regulatory bodies, business and non-business negotiations, and communication with foreign partners and firms. We shall act on your behalf in negotiations during conflicts and explain to your partners the advantages of their cooperation. We will de-mystify the risks threatening them.

is looking forward to our cooperation.


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