The firm VALUE ADDED is represented by top professionals and managers who, since 1990, have participated to a significant extent in the preparation and execution of the privatization of state property, the value of which was roughly 750 billion Czech crowns ($ 21 billion), who have participated in managing and restructuring Czech banks and a range of industrial companies, in more than 100 successful transactions with foreign investors, in the successful collection of receivables of the value of more than 12 billion CZK ($ 340 million) from hundreds of debtors, and in the supervision of environmental clean-ups of privatized companies.

Among the most successful transactions in which the VALUE ADDED experts have played a role were: the entry of Nomura into IPB a.s., Telsource into SPT Telecom a.s., IVAX into Galena a.s., SANDVIK into VT Chomutov, HARTMAN into RICO Velká Bítýška, SIEMENS into MEZ Mohelnice, MEZ Frenštát and MEZ Drásov, RENAULT into Karosa Vysoké Mýto a.s., VILLEROY & BOCH into Kaolin Hlubany, CONSIL into Silon Planá n. Lužnicí, the entry of investors into water supply companies in Karlovy Vary, in Northern Bohemia and in Southern Moravia, the entry of the IOC consortium of investors into Česká rafinérská a.s., the forced settlement of Let Kunovice a.s., restructuring and merger of the companies of the UNIPETROL GROUP, restructuring of the AERO group and financial restructuring of banks.

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