The firm VALUE ADDED provides a full range of services from a team of economists and lawyers who have high level executive experience in managing public institutions, banks, companies and non-profit organizations, sales of property, shares and companies, investment banking, performing financial analyses and companies’ appraisals, claiming receivables, environmental clean-ups and in applying corporate, commercial, securities and bankruptcy law. The services provided by VALUE ADDED are based on a complex knowledge of the investment environment, investment opportunities and of a wide range of foreign investors. The service takes into account the business, financial, legal and tax aspects of a given problem.

The main areas of VALUE ADDED‘s activities are:

I. mergers and acquisitions, join ventures and strategic alliances, sales of property and companies, corporate finance,

II. enterprise and project analysis, including business strategy assessment, assets, liabilities, management and risk evaluation,

III. enterprise restructuring, including financial, legal and operational restructuring and management support,

IV. collection of receivables, revitalisation of companies in a bankruptcy situation, assistance to the creditors’ committees or to the liquidators or administrators. In addition VALUE ADDED provides additional services, products and cooperations:

V. approaching Central and East European markets and identifying investment opportunities there,

VI. environmental issues,

VII. marketing and public relations support,

VIII. relationship management and negotiation support.

The firm VALUE ADDED offers services to investors seeking investment opportunities, owners and managers currently restructuring Czech companies, investment banks and consulting companies seeking local support in the Czech or Slovak republic, banks providing and claiming company credits, Czech companies penetrating foreign markets, and enterpreneurs in the area of venture capital.


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